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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Personalized "Sweetie" Mugs

Many things make me smile. I love when cooler weather creeps in after the summer heat begins to break; I love using mugs; I love drinks that go in mugs (cocoa, coffee, lattes...); I love meaningful gifts; and most of all I absolutely adore my husband! Anything that is able to synthesize my love for my husband, mugs, warm drinks, and sentiment is easily going to make it to my list of all time favorite things. These personalized "sweetie" (as I like to call them) mugs are on that list!

Last year on my way home from a business trip to NC I stopped by Starbucks and found these awesome personalization mugs! You use the provided pen to write/draw whatever you want on the mug and then bake it for permanence.
via Starbucks
I just had to buy two (one for me and one for Ryan)! After arriving home from his sister's baby shower he surprised me with my finished mug! He's such a sweetie. He did a wonderful job and I love it today as much as I loved it that day (maybe more!).
I like to think he likes his too... :)

I'm sure that there are cheaper ways to do this little project and whether you buy the Starbucks mugs or buy some dollar store mugs...I highly recommend this fun little project for any married couples that drink hot drinks. :) So fun! So sweet! :)

Disclaimer: These mugs have held up super well! They are still perfect though they have been used, hand washed, and dishwasher washed MANY times! :)

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  1. Any plain ceramic can be written on with sharpie and then baked at 350F for 30 minutes to make it permanent <3