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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hair Dressers & Inspiration

I am the kind of person that decides on any given day that I want a hair cut. When I set my mind to wanting a hair cut I begin to need a hair I get super impatient and the longer I must wait the more impatient I grow. I have been wanting to "shape up" my hair for a little while now. I decided today was the day that I must finally visit my hair dresser. Upon arriving at my usual salon, much to my dismay, I was informed that my usual stylist has moved to New York!!! I was SO sad! I had been seeing Jessica for about a year now and she always knew how to produce exactly what I wanted. I never walked away from her with a bad cut. She was also very personable. I had started seeing her after a recommendation from an acquaintance. As you can tell, I was very pleased. was time to start find a new hair dresser.

 Trusting someone new with my hair is very scary to me! My hair is short/medium in length and thus a bad haircut is VERY visible. Against the advice of my nerves I tried a different girl at the same salon before consulting other women whose hair I like. I told her that I am starting to grow out my stacked "lob" (longer bob) but I needed to get it shaped up and trimmed. I also wanted to try bangs for fall. After discussing this with her she got started. Though she was nice she was nearly silent throughout the entire cutting process. When it came time for her to dry the new "do" she PULLED at my soft, thin hair until the headache I had had all afternoon was nearly unbearable. Luckily the end result was not all bad. It's growing on me. It's no "Jessica cut" but it'll do for now. :) It was a rough day for me and my hair....

I had to share my somewhat traumatic hair day with you all. Anyway, on a lighter and more fun note, here are some inspirational pics for a medium length cut with bangs...and Jennifer Aniston, because let's face hair inspiration is complete without her!:

via 2012 Bobs

via Hairii

via My Next Hairstyle
via My Next Hairstyle

I love looking at new hair styles :) Do you? How do you go about finding a new stylist?

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