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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bangs: The New Accessory

Today I decided to try something a little different. When I went through the horrible haircut experience posted about here (Hair Dressers & Inspiration) I asked the stylist for bangs. I hateddd them at first and styled my hair to hide them. Today I decided that I would try styling the bangs as full frontal fringe. I thought it would appear a little more chic, a little more dressy. I thought it would change the feel of my entire outfit...and it did. :)

I wore my cargo khakis folded up a couple times, sandals (Steve Madden), a 3/4 sleeve navy scoop neck tee (J.Crew), and a chunky knotted chain necklace (Chico's). The tee shirt has a sweet little detail on each sleeve (3 buttons). I love it! :) I also love that one of my tattoos peeks through the scoop in the back of the tee. I like to call this Simple Sexy Chic. :) Could have amped it up a little with some heels but I did a lot of running around today.

Have you ever thought of bangs as an accessory?

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