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Monday, September 10, 2012

Barielle Nail Polishes

Self-admittedly, I am totally addicted to nail polish. I love painting my fingernails and my toenails. It is VERY VERY unlikely that you will see me sans polish. In fact, even as a little girl I always looked forward to whatever new polished "Santa" would give me in my Christmas stocking! No one needs to worry, Ryan is fully aware of my addiction, in fact, he indulges it. ;) Anyway, I tried a new (to me) polish brand today and wanted to share my review with you.

I was walking around TJ Maxx when a group of polishes caught my eye. I saw 4 colors that I just had to I bought them all. As soon as I got home I polished my nails one color and my toes another. ...See below...

Nails: I painted my nails with Barielle's #5017- Elated. It is wonderful! First of all, I prefer a thinner brush because (though you may not be able to tell in this photo) I have very thin fingers. Barielle's brush was the perfect width to paint my nails in just a few even strokes. Second, the pigment is amazing. Pictured I have just two coats of polish on. They dry shiny (which I love!). I believe that the color is slightly more pink than it appears in this picture (which makes it seem more red). It dried very quickly and so far has not chipped (though it has only been a few hours). I am LOVING it.
Nails Painted with Barielle Elated

Toes: I painted my toenails with Barielle's #5111- Gotta Have Fate. I love this as well. Seriously, all of the positives from the other Barielle polish follows through to this one. Barielle is my new favorite polish brand. I only paid $2.99 a bottle at TJ Maxx and read that you can get it for like 6 bucks at Ulta. Gotta Have Fate is a more orange-y hue. I love it. See for yourself. Barielle's colors are beautiful and I cannot wait to try the other two I bought today! (The other two are more fall colors so I will wait just a little longer before trying them out....they are BEAUTIFUL in the bottle though!)
Toes Painted with Barielle Gotta Have Fate

Bottle for Barielle Gotta Have Fate
 So, I showed off my new nail polished when my hubby came home from work. He thought it would be fun to add some more polish to my big toe. Well...he is very talented at many things (including building furniture...our house if filled with furniture he has masterfully built us) but painting toenails is not quite his forte! I love him and his adorable effort. ....Here are the results of his addition to my nearly perfectly painted toenails! You may or may not be able to see the true extent of it from this little picture but just was bad! :)
Messy Big Toenail Polish

To recap, Barielle makes awesome nail polish and it is my new favorite brand! :)What is your favorite polish brand? What are your favorite colors?

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