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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A "Vested" Interest in Stripes! ;)

 Okay, I must come clean. Today's outfit was worn to a football game last night AND out for coffee with a girlfriend this morning. :-0 I know! Shame on me. I really don't care though. :) It was comfortable and fall. I wore a simple pair of jeans (Hollister) and a 3/4 sleeve striped top from J.Crew. I paired this basic outfit with a black zip vest (Kenneth Cole), and a pair of suede driving moccasins (J.Crew). The moccasins were orange, which I feel just screams fall! :) I wore my three signature silver pieces for jewelry (2 bracelets and a watch), along with a silver/diamond heart necklace from my hubby, and of course, my wedding set. :)

This top has adorable shoulder them!

Lots of pictures today. Mostly because I had just awoken from a short nap and was not fully awake for the picture you may of may not be able to tell from the pictures provided. :) Oh well. :) I think I am going to make some homemade Oreos now! :) I'll post later to let you all know how they turned out! :)

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