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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Military Jackets

I love military jackets. They are so structured. I have two military styled jackets that I bought a LONG time ago (probably about 8 years lie!). I have a cream colored one and a black one. They are surprisingly nice, considering they came from Aeropostale (no offense...). I was in early high school when I bought them. I don't wear them nearly enough. Today I decided to rock the black one. I paired it with a black cami (H&M), a gray and white striped long sleeve tee (GAP), skinny jeans (Hollister), and fringed moccasins (Kohl's). I also doubled up a long silver and gold necklace (Brighton). I like the pop of interest the stripes brought in. I rolled up the sleeves of the jacket. I also rolled the sleeves of the tee up over the sleeves of the jacket (as seen below). :)
In the middle picture I'm looking down at the grass, stomping it down to show off my moccasins. (In that one you can see how thin my hair is! lol :))

Oh yeah, I got my hair fixed! After much thought and research I went to an awesome shop called Turning Headz Salon. The owner (Wanda) cut my hair and I love it! :) I'll post better pictures of it in a future post. Anyway, I would definitely recommend her for short/medium haircuts and girls with fine hair. :)

How do you feel about military jackets?


  1. Hello Nikki!! Thanks a lot for your visit and sweet commnet on my blog and for following me!! Following you back on GFC!
    I also love military jackets but still haven't found my perfect one! Cute look by the way ;-)

    1. Any time! I loved looking through your site!

      Keep looking. You'll find the perfect military jacket for you! :)

      Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and following! :)