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Friday, October 5, 2012

Dating My Husband

Ryan planned a little date-night for us this evening. It was SO much fun! :) This past summer Ryan and I bought some cruiser bicycles. Tonight we hooked them up to the Jeep and went out to some of the local trails for a little relaxing exercise. :) We love going on bike rides! We get all geared up with helmets and everything! We're a couple of big dorks. Safety first! ;) lol Here are a couple of pictures from our ride:

The trails have SUCH beautiful scenery, especially this time of year!

After our ride we stocked up on calories at Outback! Yum!! :)

It is so important to continue having fun and dating your spouse. You need to make sure that your spouse and your relationship receive attention and that you continue to make memories that you can cherish for decades to come. When you begin to take your husband (or wife) for granted your relationship will suffer unnecessarily. Marriage takes a continuous, conscious effort to love, respect, and serve your spouse increasingly in each moment. If you do these things...marriage is easy, and FUN! I want to encourage all of you married folk to take the time during this beautiful season to date your spouse! :) Have fun! Laugh! Smile! Take pictures! Make lasting memories. :)

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