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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day Date: Foliage Drive

October is such a wonderful month for fun fall dates. God has dressed up the world with beautiful foliage and nice, neutral weather. Today, my sweet husband decided to take advantage of that. :) He stocked us up with coffee and snacks, as well as stocked the Jeep's gas and air (in the tires). He then whisked me off onto an adventure. We spent hours (literally) driving through quiet country roads and the curvacious, color littered mountains. It was so fun! I LOVE looking at all the lovely leaves. I also love the peace found in country roads and the majesty in mountains. We toured, talked, commented on the beauty, and stopped at various lookouts to take pictures. :) Here are a few (warning....the pictures were taken with my Iphone and do not do the colors and vibrancy justice!):

I love this little old Bel-Air!

Me and my sweetie :)

I love that you can see the ripples in the mountain.

The handsome man with me again. :)

I simply love this.

We had SO much fun. If you have the opportunity, I would highly suggest you mimic our date! It's a blast and a great way to remind yourself of the beauty that God has created for us! :)

As for my was simple. I wore light gray cords (GAP), an orange eyelette tee (Arizona), black faux suede boots (they are super old and I have no idea where I bought them...), and a black puffy vest (Kenneth Cole).
Ryan caught me a little off guard...making a funny face and putting my hands in my pockets! :)
Regardless of whether or not you and your love choose to do this particular date, I encourage you to date your spouse! Keep the fun and romance alive. Also, talk with your spouse! Ryan and I are best best best friends and talk with each other about everything. I know that not all spouses are like that with one another, but I encourage you to try. Communication is SO important in marriage and practice makes perfect. :)


  1. So beautiful! We go to the mountains a lot! Such a fun day date! Love your outfit....perfect for a day like you guys had!

    1. Thank you! Agreed! The mountains are such a fun place to go! :) Thanks for checking my blog out! :)

  2. Such pretty pics! I live in CA now and I miss the fall foliage!

    1. Aw, I would miss it too! Thanks for checking out my blog! I looked at it! :) Following. :)