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Friday, October 5, 2012

Black Boots

Yesterday I decided I would rock some tall black boots (Harve Bernard). I am not sure why I continue to try to love these particular leather boots. Each time I wear them I am slightly self-conscious. First of all, I feel that these boots make my size 6.5-7.5 foot (dependent upon shoe brand/style) look HUGE. Second, I'm not sure if they look too much like hooker boots! lol. I have some flat faux suede black boots that I adore...I may (or may not stick to those in the future). Anyway, this outfit comprised of pieces that I have been wearing too often lately. Regardless, I love these gray skinnies (Kohl's) and this 3/4 striped tee (J. Crew). I paired it with a necklace that hosts a large black pendant comprised of shiny, black, jewel-cut embellishments. I thought it would center the outfit and allow the eye to focus somewhere (again using that tip from Putting Me Together).

I can't wait to wear more boots!

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