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Monday, November 26, 2012

Suede Boots

Today I got to have coffee and watch a movie (What to Expect When You're Expecting) with my friend E. We always have a great time chatting and catching up. :) It's always an awesome time when you are dying laughing (in this case at the was pretty funny).

Anyway, for this fun, laid back day filled with errands, lunch with my hubby, cleaning, and friend time, I wore a simple outfit. Today's outfit truly encompasses my typical, most comfortable and simple style. I wore a navy, lace trimmed cardigan (Jcrew--warehouse sale); a gray and white striped tank (GAP--thrifted); jeans (Kohls); and black, suede boots (Jcrew--warehouse sale).

Here I was making sure Ryan would take a pic of my boots! lol

Now, for these boots...I love them! They are super comfortable and the suede is definitely high quality. I would highly recommend these boots if you are looking for some flat, black boots.  I love pretty much everything JCrew. I may even dare to say that they are my FAVORITE store! Now, I will admit, their prices are quite high...but that is why I only buy things from them with gift cards, on sale, at the clearance stores, at the warehouse sales, and at consignment shops. Shop smart people! :)

What brands do you like for boots?

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