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Monday, November 12, 2012

Green Cardigan

I used to have a green cardigan that I wore far too often. I loved it. It was my go to. A friend from college gave it to me and I adored her and it. :)

Well, after a few years of my secondhand use it somehow made it out of the wash with a big bleach spot. :( It was time to retire the beloved old cardigan. I searched and searched for a proper replacement to no avail.

One day I walked into the back room at work to find that one of my co-workers, C, saw a JCrew merino wool cardigan for me on her weekend excursions! She had no idea that I had been looking for a green cardigan for months now, but lo and behold...her find was green! Yay! What a sweet lady. :) :)

My outfit on Friday was centered around my new cardigan (JCrew). I Layered a black tank (Target) under it with a pop of texture found in my beaded necklace (thrifted). I paired this all with my gray skinnies (Kohls) and black driving loafers (Via Neroli--thrifted).
Have you ever had to replace a beloved but worn out piece of your wardrobe?

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