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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Liebster Award!

I am super excited to announce that Brenna at Awake at Five has nominated me for the Liebster award. From the research that she and other bloggers have done we have found out that the Liebster originated in Germany, means "dearest," and is to show love for "up and coming" bloggers! Fun!

Here's the deal:

The rules seem to change from blog to blog, but this is how I was tagged, so here it goes!

·       Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
·       They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them.
·       They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
·       They must then choose 11 special bloggers to tag & award with the Liebster award with less than 200 followers.
·       These lucky bloggers must be told in a comment on their blog. 

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I was born and raised in the Boston area. Although I now live down south I am truly a northerner at heart! Go Pats/Sox/Bruins/Celtics!! 

2. While most high schoolers in the states take Spanish/French/Latin for a language I was blessed to take 4 years of Russian!! I loved fun! 

3. Though I am 24 (almost 25) and my hubby is 26 we are both always told we look like we should still be in high school....sometimes it gets a little annoying...but we’re told we’ll love that one day! 

4. Our first sweet puppy was adopted having already been named Petey. Ironically, my brother-in-law’s name is Peter! As a joke, Ryan and I call Petey “Peter L. T. the 3rd” whenever he’s in trouble! 

5. I am ADDICTED to polishing my nails, and I LOVE getting new nail polishes! 

6. I have a cross anchor tattooed on my left wrist. It’s super simple but I designed it myself. I got it done when I was 20. It stands for anchoring my hope in Christ (Hebrews 6). It has 3 distinct points to represent the Trinity and some red shadowing to represent the blood of Christ. 

7. I also have a tattoo across the top of my back. It says, “Love always perseveres.” Next to the word “perseveres” is a swallow. The same day I got this tattoo my husband got a swallow tattooed on his bicep. Swallows mate for life and make it through adversity. We both believe that marriage is a lifelong covenant between us and God. We also believe that our love will always persevere. 

8.As much as I love shoes and painting my own toenails....I hate other people’s feet! 

9. A couple of months ago I had a skin cancer scare (the spot turned out to be benign! Thank you Lord!). I didn’t tell many people. My husband supported me every step of the way and even came with me to have a spot surgically removed. I was pretty strong throughout the surgery though I was pretty scared. For some reason, though the procedure went well, I had an overwhelming need to cry as soon as we got to the Jeep. Ryan was SO sweet. He simply embraced me and told me to let it out. Then he treated me with fresh Krispy Kreme and Red Robin!

10. I was a cheerleader during junior high and high school. I was a flyer. I am afraid of heights! 

11. Our second anniversary (of marriage) was spent in my in-law’s basement with Petey...trying to keep cool after nearly a week of no power at our own house (during 100 degree weather) due to Dechero (the wind storm this summer). Their basement was one of our only means of cooling down! We ate Taco Bell because it was one of the only places open in town. It may not have been a glamorous anniversary but it sure was memorable and even fun! 

Brenna’s Questions:
  1. If you could spend a day with any person, living or deceased, who would it be? Sounds lame...but I would spend it with my husband! I love him, and I love spending quality time with him! 
  2. Who or what inspires you the most? People that are genuine about what is going on in their lives and make it through adversity both stronger and still joy-filled inspire me.
  3. Comfort over fashion or fashion over comfort? I would say that if you have seen any good bit of my blog you would know that I enjoy a mixture of comfort and fashion....on the comfy side! lol
  4. Just you and your love on a chilly evening, order dinner in or go out? Dinner in! We’re old at heart.
  5. Best vacation you ever went on? vacation ever?? For my first birthday as a married woman my husband coordinated with my boss to take me home from work early. He took me on a surprise weekend trip to VA Beach and it was wonderful! He had gifts wrapped...ordered dessert into our room...he thought of everything and it was perfection! I’ve been on lots of good vacations though!
  6. Who do you turn to when you need advice? When I need advice I turn to Ryan. We have one of the most open and honest relationships you would ever know...
  7. When it comes to love, are you all in or keep a piece of your heart on the shelf? All in.
  8. If you could have any car, without paying a dime, what would you choose? Jeep or old.
  9. Best day of your life? July 2, 2010
  10. Be honest, how long could you go without electronics?  Minutes, days, weeks?? I would like to think I could make it days....but I’m not so sure!
  11. What brought you into this wonderful world of blogging? I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and one day I figured...why not??

Questions for Nominees!
1.     What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
2.     What is the first thing you notice about other people?
3.     Do you often (or ever) use sarcasm?
4.     What sound do you love?
5.     What is your favorite time of the day/day of the week/week of the month/month of the year?
6.     If you could witness any event (past/present/future) what would it be?
7.     What did you do as a kid that got you into trouble?
8.     What was the first thing that you bought with money you worked for (and not doing chores)?
9.     What is something that you have learned in this past week?
10.  What is the most embarrassing cd/tape that you have ever owned?
11.  How do you want to be remembered?

My Nominees:

Lindsey at My Every Day Loves
Taylor at Peach Gingham
Catie at Catie's Corner
Whitney at PolishedandPink
Christine Marie at Compliments of Christine Marie
Ashley Allison at Pink Margarita Pearl

Thanks again to Brenna for nominating me! Enjoy reading my answers and filling out your own! :) 


  1. Congrats on the award! So awesome.
    I get the "you like a high school student" all the time. Annoying, isn't it? Maybe one day we'll appreciate it?

    1. Thanks! I'm super excited. :) It was fun to fill out the questions and pass it along to others in the blogging community.

      I certainly hope one day we'll appreciated it! I'm glad my hubby and I are not along in our "pain!" ;)

  2. Nikki,

    So glad you had fun with the questions and answers! I loved reading your answers and seeing what you came up with to ask others!

    I'll be following along with your cute blog!


    ps Go Red Sox!!

  3. Thanks for the award Nikki! It's great to know other bloggers are enjoying my blog! =)

    Have a great week!

    ~ Catie